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Thread: Any San Jose, CA Area Vegans?

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    Question Any San Jose, CA Area Vegans?

    I've been vegan for a while and have had the luck to find/convert vegan friends in college. I graduate in a year and I'll probably be moving out of the vegan-clueless state of Ohio to the California San Francisco Bay Area, more specifically, the San Francisco, Santa Clara, San Jose area. I've visiting right now, and I love the happycow website, so I have an idea of the vegan restaurant scene. What I was wondering about were meet-ups and such around San Jose. Is there anyone in this area who could point me in the right direction or help me start a meetup?
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    Yes, we are around! There are a few groups on I've never been to any of the gatherings but they are quite active.

    There is also a SF Bay Area sub-forum on the PPK forum that is very active. We organize south bay/San Jose meet-ups about once a month. Sometimes we meet up with Santa Cruz or SF vegans, too. There is also a SF vegan happy hour that happens every month.

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