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Thread: How to make tofu from soya beans!

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    Post How to make tofu from soya beans!

    Hi all,

    I have started making my own tofu and I wondered if anyone else is?

    Here is how I make it:
    http://veg-warriors-in-chile.blogspo...ures.html#more (in pictures)
    http://veg-warriors-in-chile.blogspo...make-tofu.html (no pics but some good links and info)

    Does anyone have good tips on this?
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    Hi Manzana,
    I was planning to try once (and even bought a soy milk maker), but found that since I almost never eat tofu (or use soy milk), it wasn't worth spending time on figuring out how to do it. But you may find some useful info in this thread:
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    I make my own tofu and my own soya milk but I don't have a soy milk making machine, just a regular blender and sieve work just as well.
    A few tips:
    I always soak the soya beans over night.
    Use a tall saucepan as opposed to a wide one, there's something about the coagulating process that won't work if the pan's too wide. The taller, the better.
    I use a tupperware box with holes drilled in as a mold.
    The okara (left over pulp) can be used in baking and other recipes.

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