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    Hi my name is Kayleigh Read and I started Deerly Beloved Bakery a 100% vegan bakery in Norwich in May. I supply Rainbow Wholefoods and some other cafes around Norwich. I also make vegan wedding cakes, birthday cakes, celebration cakes and catering for special events. Everything is made in a 100% vegan kitchen by me a vegan cook. Please take a look at my blog at for more information and recipes. A lot of my recipes are also gluten free! I can also be found on Facebook under Deerly Beloved Bakery Vegan.

    Thanks and I hope you like my blog,

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    Hi, I read about your bakery in the Vegetarian Living magazine. It's always good to hear about new vegan enterprises, and it's great that it's 100% vegan since some put dairy milk in tea, in order to make it financially viable. Do you sell tea and how do you make it taste acceptable? Because my mum is 98% vegan, but she can't give up cow's milk in her tea.

    Hopefully you will come back and be an active member of the forum, then people will get to know you and your business better

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    Hi Splodge! I don't actually have a cafe (yet) it's a bakery and I do catering, wedding cakes, celebration cakes and supply wholefood shops and cafes. So I don't have to make tea for anyone apart from my helpers and me! In my vegan bakery household we use soya milk. You really get used to it and when you have been drinking it for years, cow milk smells like ( put it in a nice way) a dirty farm yard! Yes I am proud to be 100% vegan and if I had a cafe I would not serve cow milk! It depends how financialy viable you want to be, my ethics are more important than lots of money! My mum worried I was making my business to niche however I have opened it up to more people as anyone can eat my food if they choose to! You can keep updated on what I do at

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