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    A few years back I think I remember a couple of forum members talking about a pub in London where there were vegan beers on tap. Does anyone know of anywhere in the UK I can find a vegan draught beer/ale? I am quite familiar with the bottled ales and lagers on tap that are available but I do have a hankering for some of the good stuff.

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    It's something you're just going to have to learn names on really, there's very few pubs seem to care that much to actually aim to get one on. The most widespread one I know off the top of my head though is Sam Smiths', and it's getting more popular so it's popping up in more places too thankfully, the only one of those that isn't vegan is their Old Brewery Bitter.

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    Samuel Smiths have some Vegan Society approved beers and they're labelled as such on the taps and beermats. However, some people boycott them because they allow hunting on their land.

    I got so fed up with the ethics (and expense) of alcohol I've started brewing my own instead.

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