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Thread: What's the lamest excuse you ever heard as to why people eat meat?

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    misosoup and Herbert, Thanks for sharing your experiences and what has helped you! I will pass along this information to my husband. I did find a few scientific studies that show improvement in RA with a vegan diet: http://rheumatology.oxfordjournals.o...0/10/1175.full I have been advocating for more vegan friendly food at the medical complex where I work for some time. In fact I spent a bit of money and donated a book called "Vegan in Volume" designed for vegan institutional cooking (with lots of recipes and information about vegan health and so on) for various groups (elderly, sick, students..) to the director of Nutrition Services with a letter attached. That was a month ago and I have not even received an acknowledgement or thank you for the donation. Hospitals are sorely behind the rest of the world in food nutrition which is appalling.

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    Herbert, it is so rude when people question us. And it's amazing how defensive people get after all you have to say is 'I'm vegan'. It was very annoying as my 'friend' had been telling me about is paleo diet, which I didn't question, only asking how it works. I don't count a vegan diet in the same way, as veganism, usually, is for compassion for animals. I found it especially rude as I've struggled with an eating disorder since my teens, which he knows about, and being vegan has cured me of that. In that having less and less to eat made me appreciate food and where it comes from, and I can't binge and starve as a vegan. So I was really angry that he questioned the nutritional value, as I've had tests done since turning vegan and doctor said I am very healthy, even more healthy than when I was veggie. I am getting increasingly annoyed at the self-pity of some omnis when it comes to diet, when their suffering will never match an animal in the meat or dairy industry. Whenever I would miss dairy, I'd quickly snap out of my craving and self-pity when I thought of the animal's suffering. I also said in another thread, this is a guy who I've consoled about being a bullying victim and how he hates bullies, yet when I speak about meat he's adamant that 'it's the way the world works' and survival of the fittest. But if we applied that to human behavior we would excuse all sorts of horrible things, including bullying. It's easy to 'other' a group just to oppress them. Cannot deal with this hypocrisy. I dunno, I'm off on a tangent now lol. Just very frustrated at the moment with things. I do think you should write something online, just so it's there for others to read about, you might inspire another RA sufferer to heal using diet! Have you been on Curezone?

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    This is an interesting site

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