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Thread: US: Trip suggestions/guidance...

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    Question US: Trip suggestions/guidance...

    Greetings far flung forum friends!

    So I am considering visiting your mass amounts of homeland come summer next year, sometime between late May and the end of June. Probably 2-3 weeks.

    So what I am after if you would be so kind, is any suggestions/advice/guidance you may have, including 'yays and nays' to any stupid thoughts I may but forward.

    Yes, Grandmaster Google probably has it all in his noggin, but what fun is that... and would be good to hear 'familiar' peoples thoughts.

    So for starters, I am thinking NY -> Chicago -> somewhere in San Fran....? :-S

    NY for obvious reasons, but any insider info would be great. Chicago for a certain musical element, so vegan friendliness would be cool? Could skip if need be I guess. Don't know re last option yet - would like to get to a beach or two though!

    Feasible? Would like to fit in somewhere like Colorado as well - but assume I would be pushing it too much time wise!

    Best / easiest / prettiest way to travel between those destinations once there? Sorry for waffling, any help while I get my Google gloves glowing would be appreciated.

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    Default Re: Trip suggestions/guidance...

    If you are going to be on the west coast, and have time, come up to Portland! See the rose garden, try the coffee and the beer and all the great vegan food!

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    Default Re: Trip suggestions/guidance...

    We were in Chicago earlier this year and found it pretty vegan-friendly. There are some threads about it on here. Lots to see in all those places, might be a bit of a rush!

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