with John Seed 5-6 March 2005 in Melbourne.

"Earth, Spirit, Action" is an experiential deep ecology workshop which helps us dissolve the illusion of our disconnection from the living Earth. This spiritual blight of separation plagues modern humanity and is the underlying root of the ecological crisis or our times, the engine of the 6th extinction spasm currently unfolding around us.

You are invited to arrive on the Friday night from 7pm onwards so that the workshop can begin at 9am Saturday morning. Cost is $150 (partial work exchange negotiable for students etc.) This workshop is a benefit with all proceeds donated to nature conservation and indigenous peoples projects in India.

Venue: Camp Eureka, Tarrango Rd Yarra Junction (Mel Ref 288 K10 approx 1hr from Melbourne). To attend the workshop please contact Sarah on:
03 9533 7418 / 0403 076 782 or email warriorstar@hotmail.com

In this workshop we respond to Arne Naess (Emeritus Professor of Philosophy, Oslo University who coined the term "deep ecology") who urged that "ecological ideas are not enough, we need ecological identity, ecological self". How is this to be brought about? Naess says that "It is a question of community therapy, healing our relations to a widest community, that of all living beings". In this gathering, through interactive exercises, guided meditations, despairwork, and work with body and breath, we practise letting go of the culturally-conditioned, competitive, isolated self, and come home to our interexistence with all forms of life. We allow ourselves, through group visualisations, to re-experience our four-and-a-half billion year evolutionary journey as an integral part of our living planet. In this way, we are able to shed our solely human identification and feel deep empathy for the myriad species and landscapes of the Earth.

For more information about deep ecology experiential workshops, please see www.rainforestinfo.org.au
Rainforest Information Centre, Box 368 Lismore NSW 2480. 61 2 66213294 or email johnseed1@ozemail.com.au

Sounds fascinating.