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    I just finished reading the great thread on bento boxes. I love bentos for it's variety and health but it reminded me of a Korean dish that I was introduce to while in Japan called Bi Bim Bah. The ones in Japan were served in a hot stone bowl and it started with rice and them everything but the kitchen sink could be added. Now I order the veggie Bi Bim Bah. Hot sticky rice is placed in the center of a plate and then surround it with different veggies. Today I had cooked spinach with sesame seeds, dikon with kimchee, gently cooked carrot stickts, bean sprouts but what you add can be anything you might have in the refrigerator. Over the whole thing, I squeeze on a little sesame oil and some Gochujang, but go careful as it is hot.

    I see that there are a lot of folk from around the world and I would sure love to hear what you eat and share recipes.

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    sounds great, deserthorn!

    I got two japanese recipe books for christmas, one specifically is about temple cooking which is vegan. i'm looking forward to having a go.


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