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Thread: Pancake fail - why?

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    Default Pancake fail - why?

    I use this recipe and, so far, they've come out perfect every time - until this morning! I've used lots of different flour (wholemeal, wholemeal spelt, buckwheat and varying combinations thereof) and different milks (organic unsweetened soya and chocolate rice milk). This morning I used a 50:50 of wholemeal and wholemeal spelt (as before so no change there) but I used chocolate coconut milk and a cheap baking powder.. They absolutely didn't work - the only way I could get them set enough to be able to turn them was by burning them to a crisp underneath.. Normally they puff up beautifully and taste lovely but it just didn't work today.. Was it the coconut milk?

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    Default Re: Pancake fail - why?

    Let us know

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    Default Re: Pancake fail - why?

    There are a few things that could have gone wrong. I'm not sure the process you went through to make them though. I'll opt for the 'shotgun' approach and hopefully I'll stumble upon where you sadly went wrong this time.

    1 - the pancake mix needs sometime to sit before you use it. Ten minutes should be enough. a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar helps the pancakes (or anything you're baking) rise.

    2 - only use a hand whisk as an electric one will over work the batter

    3 - the baking powder was low quality and or out of date

    4 - the pan was too hot, I find a low - medium heat makes the best pancakes

    Sadly I haven't used coconut milk in my pancakes before. I can't think why I haven't tbh. I'll give it a go and get back to you.

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    (apologies for posting in the wrong place, thanks for moving! )

    TL - thank you! I didn't let it sit (although I hadn't before either!) but will do so next time! My suspicion was the baking powder - I shoved the last bit in a bowl in the microwave to see whether anything could make it set (it did!) but the aftertaste was so bitter and chemically.. The baking powder was from aldi because we're going through it quite quickly but I'll stick to my regular one and try it again with the coconut milk and let it rest a while first!

    I hadn't realised about vegan pancakes until I found here so I'm still learning how to get them right!

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    Default Re: Pancake fail - why?

    (and yes, I mix by hand and cook on a med heat - I don't think the pan was too hot but I'll try turning it down too, thank you!)

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