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Thread: Work 80 hours a week, been living off clif and luna bars

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    Default Work 80 hours a week, been living off clif and luna bars

    Hey guys, I've just begun a job where I am working around 80 hours a week, and find zero time or energy to cook myself anything. I've been living off mostly clif and luna bars and 5 hour energy drinks with the occasional to-go vegan takeout when I can find the time. So I'm wondering 1) whether there is any harm in eating up to 20 clif/luna bars a week, 2) if you guys have any suggestions for a healthier/hopefully cheaper way to feed myself without having to cook anything or invest a significant amount of prep time. Thank you!

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    Default Re: Work 80 hours a week, been living off clif and luna bars

    I don't know what is in the bars you talk about, dried fruit and nuts I think? Maybe you are going short of the vitamins and minerals you would get from fresh veggies and fruit? Would it be cheaper to get in a stash of nuts? And have them to eat and have some dried and fresh fruit as well, veggies that are easy to eat whole and raw - carrots, raddishes, celery, cucumber come to mind. Are you in a position to carry much with you? I've always thought while travelling that a person can survive a long time on a variety of seeds and nuts and fruits without having to spend much time preparing or cooking. You do need some green veggies though ..... sheet .... 80 hours a week, how long are you planning to keep this craziness up?

    You are at home sometimes? With access to your kitchen? It might be a good idea to have some sprouts in your fridge to munch on when you are home, some sliced bread or rolls in the freezer (frozen in small portions to make de frosting quicker) and homous and some of the sort of faux meats its easy to make quick sarnies out of, with some salad bits as well. Maybe crispbreads so you wouldn't have to worry about defrosting or the short shelf life of bread.

    I would suggest quick healthy stuff you can eat without much prepping at home and nuts and fruits and veggies to eat while you are at work. Can you get in some ready made foods you can keep chilled/frozen and then heat? I don't know how that would compare pricewise with take aways and sorry I don't know the names of brands available to you.

    eeeeeeek, 80 hours ... I hope its worth it ..... good luck

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