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    Red face Baby food tips

    Hi guys!

    I'm vegan for whole 2 months now and LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

    looking for moms with babies to get some tips for their foods- I'm really worried and don't want my son (7mo) to miss any important nutritions.

    I actually went to dietitian from Kaiser, but it was very annoying experience , she said it is bad idea to not give him dead animals. and she just gave me huge lists of foods that I'm not really sure how to give him this stuff..

    hope I can get some info/links here...

    tnx, Michaela

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    Hi there

    I've been vegan just a little longer than you (around 6 months), and I too am struggling to think of things I can give to my son. However, I've heard around the forums that there is such a thing as 'B12 drops', which is a huge relief as I know that B12 is quite important for vegans (I personally take tablet supplements, but getting a 3-year-old to swallow tablets would not be fun).

    In terms of food, I stir flaxseed into my son's porridge at breakfast for calcium and Omega 3 (better than fish, right?). You can get a big bag from health food shops like Holland and Barrett, it doesn't really taste of anything, and it's packed full of nutrients. Apparently, ReadyBrek is fortified with B12 too, if your little one doesn't like eating porridge made with rolled oats.

    Tofu is a fantastic source of protein (which meat-eaters will tell you you can only get from meat). Another poster advised me in my thread (entitled 'How can I get my toddler to eat more vegan food?') to whizz tofu up in a blender with stuff like fruit puree to make a baby- and child-friendly pudding.

    Quinoa (pronounced 'keenwah' - it took me ages to get that right, and I got a lot of blank looks asking for it in shops lol) is brilliant, but has an usual texture, so you may be better mixing it into sauces rather than using as a replacement for rice. That stuff is full of iron, calcium, potassium etc. Beans in all their forms - butter beans, haricot beans, kidney beans, and particularly adzuki beans - help to 'bulk up' vegan meals and are packed full of nutrients.

    All in all, it really depends on how far along you are in the weaning process with your little one as to what you can give him. Are you doing baby-led weaning or pureed food? xox

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    Hi Mamabee

    I am taking B12 supplements dissolve under tongue, I think you can use them for 3yrs old...
    about flax seeds, quinoa, I use them for myself (great stuff)
    I give him almond butter, and tahini, on a daily basis in the oatmeal and in pureed vegetables..
    I need to start giving him more protein so I'm just straggling with what amounts to give him at this age... like beans/quinoa how much is enough to sub the egg/meat. I don't want him to get lake of protein.
    the same question about iron,zinc and all the other foods.. how much does he need and can it be OK with no eggs.
    He is doing pureed food only so far.. some crackers sometimes..

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