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    I'm desperately trying to find employment that supports veganism/animal welfare. I don't drive, so I can't travel far and ain't having any luck so far.
    It's so frustrating, I'd love to work for Animal Aid/Vegan Society/VIVA but none of these places are in Surrey.

    I have a potential opportunity to work for Compassion In World Farming whom have an office in a near by town. CIWF aren't vegetarian or vegan, which makes me a little uncomfortable. As a vegan would you work for CIWF?
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    Quote Lilystein
    As a vegan would you work for CIWF?
    That's ultimately your decision to make, I don't know alot about CIWF but if you're comfortable working for them then go for it.
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    Lilystein it may be a stepping stone to work for a more vegan company, so if you are comfortable with it, as Blueberries said, go for it. It might lead to a more vegan - oriented job in the future!!
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    I used to work for the League Against Cruel Sports, they had about 10 job advertised recently but I think have probably gotten to the interview stage by now. There were a few Vegans there. While I was there I meet some of the people who worked at compassion and some were vegans.

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    I wish more companies had some home working jobs. I live in Redditch and also don't drive. I do work at present but would love to work for a vegan/animal rights company/organisation too. It's a shame most jobs are office-based, although I guess it's easier keep all work done in one building.

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