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Thread: "Fish Oil Supplements No Help to Heart or Brain"

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    Default "Fish Oil Supplements No Help to Heart or Brain"

    From PCRM, June 14, 2012

    Fish Oil Supplements No Help to Heart or Brain
    Two new studies found that omega-3 supplements, often sold in the form of fish oil, do not improve the health of the brain or heart.
    After following more than 12,500 type 2 diabetes patients over the age of 50 for an average of 6.2 years, researchers saw no difference in heart health between those taking an omega-3 supplement versus a placebo. Diabetes patients are two to four times more likely to suffer from heart disease or a stroke, compared with people without diabetes. Another recent meta-analysis came to the same conclusion for people with a history of heart problems.
    Additionally, in a new review looking at omega-3 supplementation for brain health, researchers found no link between omega-3 supplements and the prevention or improvement of dementia.
    Bosch J, Gerstein HC, Diaz R, et al. n3 fatty Acids and cardiovascular outcomes in patients with dysglycemia. N Engl J Med. Published online June 11, 2012.

    Kwak SM, Myung SK, Lee YJ. Efficacy of omega-3 fatty acid supplements (eicosapentaenoic acid and docosahexaenoic acid) in the secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease: a meta-analysis of randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trials. Arch Intern Med. Published ahead of print, April 9, 2012.

    Dangour AD, Andreeva VA, Sydenham E, Uauy R. Omega 3 fatty acids and cognitive health in older people. Br J Nutr. 2012;107:S152-S158.
    For information about nutrition and health, please visit
    Breaking Medical News is a service of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine,
    5100 Wisconsin Avenue, N.W., Suite 400, Washington, DC 20016.

    Links to the actual studies:

    Daily supplementation with 1 g of n3 fatty acids did not reduce the rate of cardiovascular events in patients at high risk for cardiovascular events. (Funded by Sanofi; ORIGIN number, NCT00069784.) :

    Our meta-analysis showed insufficient evidence of a secondary preventive effect of omega-3 fatty acid supplements against overall cardiovascular events among patients with a history of cardiovascular disease.

    As we know, scientific studies don't always agree with each other....

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    Default Re: "Fish Oil Supplements No Help to Heart or Brain"

    Maybe it's something to with the fact that it contains high levels of methyl mercury, which is toxic

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