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Thread: My partner's low weight is worrying me. Suggestions?

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    Default My partner's low weight is worrying me. Suggestions?

    Hi all,

    My partner, Al is vegetarian, but he eats a mostly vegan diet as I do all the cooking. He has and always has had a huge problem keeping his weight at a healthy level, somewhat due to lack of apatite, but for the most part it seems he just has a very high metabolism. We've been pushing for tests at the doctors but so far they've been very non-compliant. At the moment his weight is roughly 145-150lbs and he's 6'3", he's very narrow framed.

    When I'm there to nag him about it I have him drinking hemp protein shakes daily and this has helped in the past. But is there any other suggestions as to getting good calories into him fast without him having to eat a huge portion as he finds this difficult. We already eat well, with lots of plant protein (whole foods rather then substitutes) and good fats, and food is always home-made rather than freezer-junk. I have never experienced any weight loss from changing my diet (vegetarian to vegan, 3 years ago), whereas his weight has always been up and down since his pre-vegetarian days.

    Does anyone also have any suggestions on books for vegan sports nutrition and training? I say this because I feel this approach world appeal to him most, rather then say and eating disorder re-feeding approach!!

    Cheers guys!
    Sophie (& Al, I read him the post before submitting)

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    Heya Sophie!

    I'm not an expert on the subject but I thought I'd weigh in just to let you know that somebody has read your message.

    Protein shakes are a good idea. Other ideas are adding more nut butter, coconut milk, avocados, tofu/seitan/tempeh and other higher calorie plant foods into his diet. There are a few books around on sports nutrition such as Brendan Brasier's (think I spelt that right!) book, Thrive (could be Thrive Diet, I can't remember!).

    There are also sections on sports nutrion in Vegan For Life and Becoming Vegan, both general vegan nutrition books. May also be worth checking out the Vegan Fitness forums and for more tips about sports-orientated weight gain. Good luck Al
    Houmous atá ann!


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