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    I have been a vegetarian for several years and recently have tried cooking vegan at home. Unfortunately, it has been a disaster and I have thrown out both dinners I have made.

    I am making dinner for myself and my husband. He is an omnivore, so please no meat substitutes he'll just compare them.

    Does anyone have some easy, fool-proof recipes that they love and can share? I did buy the Everyday Happy Herbivore cookbook, but one of the tossed out dinners came from that book.

    Thanks much-

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    Chickpeas Romesco is a nice recipe but I think my favourite is Roasted Broccotato Soup with Bacon Flavour Chickpea Croutons.

    Can I ask which recipe from Happy Herbivore you did not like? I think I made Ethiopian Chickpea Stew from that book and it was really good although some of the recipes are hit & miss.

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    Thanks. I made the Cajun Cornbread Casserole and when making the cornbread portion it calls for some milk and does not specify soy, rice, almond, etc. I had rice on hand and used it. The book said the texture should be like hummus. The rice milk is so thin that it did not work. I added more corn meal, but that was a disaster. Thanks again for the suggestions. I'll try them out soon. Tonight I reverted back to good 'ol spaghetti marinara. Kinda boring I know.

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    Hello dHampson,

    don't let yourself be discouraged. And a spaghetti marinara (or rather a vegan version of it) can be a delicious thing!

    I had the experience with rice milk that it does not work for frothing milk foam for a cappuccino - soymilk works great, but ricemilk simply does not. So I normally stay with plain old soymilk.

    Best regards,


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