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Thread: Raw vegan bicycle tour around Hungary in August 2013

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    Default Raw vegan bicycle tour around Hungary in August 2013

    I would like to inform you that I organize in 2013 raw vegan bicycle tour around Hungary (map in English too but more text in Hungarian language yet).

    I welcome raw vegans from Europe or UK to joint to this tour, to have international team.

    The plan is, to circle Hungary in 15 days, this is at least 1823km (also possible to join for 4 or 8 days)

    The main purpose is to propagate raw foods, simplicity and healthy lifestyle.

    I have already started discussions with sponsors who will support our tour with raw foods, sprouts, dried foods etc

    If you think, this program is interesting for you to join the tour or you would like to be a sponsor, plese write me an email to
    I will send you the detailes of the tour in english.

    I am well-known person in Hungary in raw food courses. I have raw food blog. (the blog is in Hungarian language, translator needed).

    Furter detailes:
    Yes, as I wrote, the whole distance is 1823 km. We need to ride in avarage 122 km per day. If we ride 8 hours per day to reach the daily distance we have tor ide 15,2 km / hour speed and this is possible for bikers. Anyway we will ride some days more and some days less, depending on the country side or our feelings.

    See the map here:

    The foods for the tour: Raw foods, medicinal herbs, sprouts and dried foods

    The equippment of the kitchen: kitchen out of circuit

    Qaurters: Tent Wide camping

    I am awaiting those who feel this tour to they own challenge!

    You can start training, you can start to practise your bottom to your bike seat if you willing to yoin us
    This tour will also be interesting to those who willing to get deeper to the raw foods world you can start to look for recipe (because the human body is not able to swich from day to day to raw food here you also need prepare for)

    There is possibility, for those who can not joint the whole distance, to join for quarter (4 days) or half (7-8 days) tour.

    In case you like this tour but you can not join, but you want to be a sponsor or you willing to support our trip I welcome your donation, thank you!
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    Default Re: Raw vegan bicycle tour around Hungary in August 2013

    event on facebook
    you can sign here when you want to join the tour
    or you can ask questions or else you are interested in

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