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    Spreading the word of veganism and animal rights is very important to us . We don,t only want to sell a t-shirt we want to spread the word to all meat eaters to go vegan , we believe that by spreading the word we are doing our part in healing the world and stopping the murder of animals. The only way that vegans can make a change is by being loud and keeping the word in the face of all flesh eaters . Check out our website at and spread the word . Thank You

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    Want to first thank this forum for the wealth of information.
    Second, we made our own vegan t-shirts and are excited to finally tell people about them:

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    Sadly, no more Big Sneaker Tees website. What happened?

    Grasp T-shirts lives on.
    We've sold about 40 out of 200 (our first run).

    Would be great to collaborate with other vegan t-shirt companies.
    Or stores that sell hemp clothing.


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