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Thread: Vegan Policy at Brock University Sociology Department

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    Question Vegan Policy at Brock University Sociology Department


    I'm about to be a sociology graduate and I have been looking for M.A. Programs. I have seen a tab called "Animal Advocacy" in the web site of Brock University Sociology Department. This was the content: "The Department of Sociology at Brock University in St. Catharines, Ontario has adopted a vegan policy. All department events will be exclusively vegan. Although Department functions have been vegetarian for several years, the Department unanimously adopted this policy not only as a friendly gesture to the vegan faculty and students (and of course to the animals) but also as an effort to maintain ethical consistency in relation to the Departmentís Concentration in Critical Animal Studies and its approach to Critical Sociology in general, emphasizing feminist, anti-racist, anti-colonialist, anti-imperialist theorizing and research, critical criminology, animal rights work, environmentalism and critiques of and alternatives to current economic arrangements."

    I was considering applying for a graduate program at Brock University mostly because of that. Now that content is gone so I wonder if that means they no longer adopt a vegan policy or is there any other explanation. Anyone from Brock University, preferably from the sociology department to inform me?

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    Default Re: Vegan Policy at Brock University Sociology Department

    Wow, what a great sounding department. You'd be best off contacting them directly to check though.
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