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Thread: "What if everyone went vegan, where will the animals be then?"

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    Question "What if everyone went vegan, where will the animals be then?"

    I got asked this question yesterday, "What if everyone went Vegan, where will the animals be then?" I answered with, "That will never happen not everyone will be vegan", but I got thinking about it, what would happen if everyone went Vegan, what would actually happen to all the animals?


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    What will happen is that the natural balance of the animal kingdom will be restored. If we don't 'grow' them then natural selection will sort everything out perfectly well. Sheep and cows and pigs and chickens all have 'wild' equivalents and these will continue to exist. It is a bogus argument, hence my signature.
    ..but what would they do with all the cows?..

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    Default Re: "What if everyone went vegan, where will the animals be then?"

    Although I agree entirely with the above poster, I also think that even if everyone goes vegan, humans need to start worrying about controlling our own population and how many resources we use and not focus on hunting other animals to control their population and balance. We keep building and encroaching on more and more land and there are so few places left for wild animals to live. In the city where I live, deer regularly run through downtown areas and collisions with automobiles are common, and too many "problem" bears seen in town have been killed or far removed (and therefore separated from their family and/or natural territory) because they represent a threat. The timber wolf population in my state finally reached a healthy number a year or so ago (after becoming almost extinct for many years due to overhunting) and already it is now legal to hunt them again, albeit with heavy regulations.

    "Pets" as we know them might no longer exist in an ideal vegan world because ownership and the pet trade would stop, but we could learn to cohabitate peacefully and respectfully with the wild animals around us and educate ourselves about our non human neighbors and how to make this happen instead of hunting them or driving them away or destroying their homes. Not all animals are dependant on us for their survival, and in many cases we just need to stop interfering with their natural lives.

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    Default Re: "What if everyone went vegan, where will the animals be then?"

    Excellent replies already, if I may so?

    Yes, it is a bogus question. Livestock animals are only bred to, ultimately, be eaten. When no one wants to eat them anymore then they will no longer be bred.

    As for what happens to wild animals - That is really fascinating ...

    According to National Geographic about 40% of the planets land surface is now used for agriculture:

    The maps suggest that an area roughly the size of South America is used for crop production, while even more land—7.9 to 8.9 billion acres (3.2 to 3.6 billion hectares)—is being used to raise livestock.
    In short, the return of those 3.3 - 3.6 billion hectares of land to natural habitat would benefit natural species massively.

    There is another 'knock on' effect also: The reason for culling wild herbivores is simply that the natural predators have already been culled. The reason the natural predators were culled in the first place was, mainly, to protect livestock.

    Basicaly what would happen if everyone went vegan would be the removal of 99% of the major obstacles to wild life flourishing would be gone and the natural balance of the planets flora and fauna could be largely restored.

    Secondary point: The major cause of human 'wage slavery' is the price of land for human housing. The high price of land used for human housing is caused by scarcity of land. The scarcity of housing land is caused, simplisticly, by the massive amount of land being used for agriculture.

    Everyone going vegan could also cause the cost of human housing to dramaticaly fall.

    Tertiary point: The major cause of human starvation is not a lack of food resources. It is the distribution (by displacement from 'good' land) of the human population. That displacement is massively excarcebarted by massive tracts of food producing land being denied to humans in favour of livestock animals.

    The demise of livestock, and thus the freeing of land used to feed and house them, could be enough to allow a redistribution of the human population that would bring the cull of 'excess' human beings by starvation swiftly to an end.

    Fourth point: As was originaly noted by Socrates in 'Socrates Republic' the major cause (not exclusive cause) of war between neighbouring countries is for the aquisition of land. The more livestock a nation keeps then the greater its need for land. The greater a nations need for land then the greater, and the higher the frequency of times, that nation needs to go war.

    Mathematicaly (based on USA meat consumption) everyone going vegan would also mean a 80% in the number of times the need for extra territory causes neighbouring countries to go to war.

    None of the above arguments, in my experience, are strong enough to persuade the type of Num-Nutz who asks "But, but would happen to the animals ..?" that the benefits of people going vegan are worth him/herself giving up their bacon sarnies for.
    All done in the best possible taste ...

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    Default Re: "What if everyone went vegan, where will the animals be then?"

    great reply

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    The person who asked you that question was trying to be a smart behind , common since tells you that the animal population will grow to the way that they are naturally suppose to be . We would have a population of animals walking the earth and breeding offspring that would build their population . It sounds good in a more than perfect world but in all actuality it will never happen . You still have people in this world who look at vegans and animal rights activist as weirdos and nut jobs , i allow them to call me what they want , i continue to rock vegan t-shirts and explain the harm of eating animal flesh , good post but your friend was trying to be a wise guy.

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    Default Re: "What if everyone went vegan, where will the animals be then?"

    Just a PS to what the other people have said - sometimes people ask this question because they think farmed animals would somehow "miss out" on a mostly enjoyable life if they weren't bred for food by humans.

    Apart from the lack of logic in this question (how can someone that doesn't exist be missing out on anything?) it shows that the questioner has an unrealistic idea about the sort of life (and death) farm animals have. So if the person asking you might have had that aspect in mind you could respond by telling them about the reality of farming.

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    Default Re: "What if everyone went vegan, where will the animals be then?"

    It saddens me to see that this question is still being asked...............I was asked the very same question about 25 years ago by someone I worked with. When will people realise that animals are intensively farmed and that they don't enjoy a life out running in lovely green fields?
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