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Thread: Daily Mail - Inside Slaughter Houses

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    Angry Daily Mail - Inside Slaughter Houses

    Hello, Something is really getting on my nerves.
    Daily mail (UK Newspaper) is reporting on the situation inside slaughter houses. Using whistle blower/undercover footage.
    Yes i supposed its getting the message across but i have two issues:
    Where was this years ago? This has been happening for years! Lots of videos out there..
    I am getting seriously pissed with the comments. Talking about these workers should be treated like the animals, they should be killed, the poor animals etc. I find this very hypocritical!! Most of them are meat eaters yet they claim to really feel for the animals?! D: So very hypocritical >

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    Default Re: Daily Mail - Inside Slaughter Houses

    They'll probably all go and eat burgers later today. If it actually gets through to at least one person, though, that's great!

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