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Thread: Pre pregnancy weight loss

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    Question Pre pregnancy weight loss

    Hey we are planning on trying to conceive again this year. We already have 4 year old identical twin girls. With this pregnancy I started as veggie but then for different reasons I started eating meat again (long story). I put on loads of weight in this pregnancy and I was already overweight when became pregnant which didnt help.

    Now I am back down to pre pregnancy weight again but like i said I was overweight so I wanna lose about 2 stone really to be healthy. I am vegan and intend on staying vegan throughout pregnancy I am older and wiser this time around hehe.

    I was just after some pre vegan pregnancy advice and weight loss advice really.


    Lainey xx

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    1) Make sure you get enough B12 before you get pregnant. Just like getting enough B9 for pre-pregnant (and pregnant) non-vegans may be a problem and usually is solved by taking supplements, pre-pregnant (and pregnant) vegans should definitly pay attention to getting enough B12, and deal with it by taking supplements.
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