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Thread: Fried Natto

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    Default Fried Natto

    Been cooking up a storm lately, but this is the last one today i swear. From the cookbook "Japanese Cooking: Contemporary and Traditional"

    First time ever trying natto, its got an odd texture but im not bothered by the smell. It tastes interesting though if uncooked, not bad and with some soy sauce its okay. But i mixed in green onions, hot mustard, soy sauce and cornstarch with the natto and then placed it atop some nori strips, and fried it in oil. (if anyone is interested i can give the proportions of everything).

    I enjoyed natto, and want to learn some more dishes with it. Enjoyed it with some home brewed kombucha tea.

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    Default Re: Fried Natto

    Sounds interesting, although the ides of frying natto sounds very strange to me. Mind you, I love natto (raw), most of all as sushi roll.

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    Default Re: Fried Natto

    I didn't know what natto was so had to google it , very interesting but never seen it where I live , maybe I could find it online.

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