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Thread: Best milk substitute when weaning from breastmilk

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    Default Best milk substitute when weaning from breastmilk

    My daughter is about to turn 1, and I plan on giving her a milk substitute, along with a few breastfeeding sessions.
    I need to find the best milk alternative that has calcium, and high fat (good fats preferably).
    Things I already know:
    I can get calcium from other sources (i.e. broccoli...she hates it, we're working on it..)
    I should just soley breastfeed. This is not an option for me because I am in school and my supply is too low to be able to pump.

    I just need a milk to give her for parts of some days that I am not with her.

    I've looked a lot into Coconut Milk Tonic. I am leaning towards this but have concerns about dolomite powder as a calcium supplement.
    My pediatrician said to give her almond milk. or Soy formula which is out of the question.
    I also stumbled across hemp milk. I don't know a lot about it but it seems like it has a lot of good fats in it.

    Any suggestions at all are so very appreciated.


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    Default Re: Best milk substitute when weaning from breastmilk

    Hi Alaura,

    Alpro make a follow up milk sub called Junior 1+:

    I see you are in the states though, so I'm not sure whether you can get Alpro products. However, the nutritional info should give an indication of what kind of balance of fat-to-liquid, vits etc. you are looking for.

    Hope this helps a little


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    Congratulations on your decision to keep breastfeeding your daughter into her second year of life. I firmly believe breast milk to be one of the foundations of health both within childhood and long term, for both mother and child.

    Are you just going back to school now? How many days a week and how long for? Must be a massive change for you both.

    Why is Almond milk out of the question? It's very easy to make at home and can be fortified. It's also mega tasty. My nearly 18m old quite often has a glass with dinner, otherwise she wants to nurse between trying different bits of food.

    May I ask why you think your supply is too low to pump? Many women don't respond well to one type of pump or another, and for some women hand expression works best. Do you feed much overnight? Some mothers find feeding from just one side overnight means they have a large enough supply in the morning to pump for one or two feeds. You may also find you need to pump for comfort initially, especially if your daughter is currently fed on demand and feeds a lot, so perhaps learn to hand express and take a sterile bottle with you. Perhaps the school offers an area for female staff to pump which you could use?

    Anyway, keep up with the great job x
    Quitting something because it's hard is wrong, and quitting something because it's wrong is hard. One takes cowardice, the other bravery.

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    Default Re: Best milk substitute when weaning from breastmilk

    I agree on everything with Ms Derious. Also, hemp milk is really nutritious. But you don't really need any type of milk at all, as long as she eats enough food during the day, and then you can breastfeed on demand when you come home from work, and that will be enough milk for her

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