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    Exclamation Childhood movies

    Had a thought this morning, about my childhood, I am only 20 but in the UK my generations childhood movies where movies like "101 Dalamation", "Babe", "Charlottes Web", "Bambi", "Dumbo" "Lady & The Tramp"
    I just had a big epiphany moment... Dont all these movies promote a Vegan lifestyle? They tell us of the cruetly going on, we as kids cry over these, get happy when the animals survive but then go home act normal and our parents feed us meat.

    I'll give examples:
    101 Dalmations outline the fur industry, dont we cheer when the puppies about to be killed to make a coat escape?
    Babe & Charlotte's Web tell of pigs meant for sluaghter nd their efforts to make the farmers change their mind, dont we feel the pigs pain and sadness? Are we not happy when the farmer loves them instead and they are not killed?
    Bambi, the evil hunters who killed his mother, dont we hate the hunters and feel sadness for the poor little bambi left alone?
    Dumbo, A baby elephant taken away from his mother, forced to do tricks as his mother is chained and beaten? The sad scene where she rocks him from her cage?
    Lady And The Tramp, outline the issues with strays and the kill shelters. Tramp and Lady just escape from the shelter not long before going to be killed! Arent we happy when the family adopts tramp and he has a family?

    It boggles the mind! Why hasnt anyone else seen this before?? D: Why did my parents show me these movies but not talk about it? Why feed me babe and let me think having puppies on a coat was normal if it wasnt on a movie, That Hunting was a fun sport despite it would kill over deers like bambi, why take me to a circus despite letting me get sad over the treatment of Dumbo. And Why didn't I see the connection between these movies and real life till now
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    Default Re: Childhood movies

    I think you are right Kat!

    Problem is this is just a massive demonstration of the power of the 'disconnect' between the happy bunnies frollicking in dingly-dell and the meat on peoples plates though.

    One, from the films, that amused me greatly ...

    Star Trek; They had the episode with the highly destructive space ship consuming but apparently inert 'Chrystal Entity'. Whole episode revolves around the moral quandry of "it is a life form so (because of the prime directive) we must go to massive lengths not to harm it."

    Pretty sure this was the same episode that live krag-worms were served, and scoffed down happily, by the exact same moral quanderers simply because they were considered a Klingon delicacy.

    'Disconnects' like this are so common that it would take several lifetimes just to catalogue them ..
    All done in the best possible taste ...

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    Default Re: Childhood movies


    have you heard any of the "Vegan Freak Radio" episodes?

    A few are still available on Youtube:
    (and I guess also on the iTunes store).

    The title song (that I love) EXACTLY describes that. (And the podcasts are pretty awesome, too).

    Best regards,

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    Default Re: Childhood movies

    Kat you are completely right! I never thought of the connection between the movies and the actual message......I loved these movies when I was younger (:

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