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Thread: Is access to the forum OK again now?

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    Default Is access to the forum OK again now?

    Hi all,

    During the last 24-36 hours the forum server has been either extremely slow/unstable or not accessible at all. The company which hosts the server ha been aware of this, but for some reason needed a lot more time than expected to fix the problem. Yesterday, the connection was so bad that I couldn't even log in and post a message about the problems or close the site while they were working on a fix!

    Please let me know (either in this thread or in a PM/email) if you still have problems using the site.
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    Default Re: Is access to the forum OK again now?

    Hi Korn,

    Speed seems to be ok for me now.

    Think my IE just crashed when I responded to a post just now though.
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    Default Re: Is access to the forum OK again now?

    Seems fine to me (Germany)!

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