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    I just watched Food Inc a few minutes ago. Although there was some good information in the documentary, I couldn't help but think why aren't they addressing the issues of how the animals are being killed? This guy got on there explaining how he does things is so much better, lecturing about how buying chicken and his cows who are grass fed only is the best way to do things. I watched him load these poor chicken into these metal cone shaped devises and slit their throats, it was heartbreaking. Wtf is wrong with people to actually think this is ok? Then I watch them go into a large slaughterhouse (smithfield) and I could hear all the pigs literally screaming and it just made me cry. The documentary was about knowing what is in your food, and how to make things safer. All I could think is, how about just not eating meat?

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    I saw that movie a few years ago, and went to a lecture presented by the director of the movie himself at a local college. He is very anti vegan/vegetarian but during the question and answer session after the lecture several vegans spoke up which I loved! He didn't have a good answer as to how he thinks that grass fed animals are more sustainable (as opposed to veganism) to the environment with the amount of prairie/land and water needed to feed animals that are going to be someones food/clothes and how grass fed animals are going to be able to sustain a growing world population without turning to factory farming to meet that demand. I think the whole "humanely raised" farm animal philosophy is a big myth too. We are the only species to enslave another animal for our benefit, never mind breed them unnecessarily just for this purpose, and at the end of the day they are still slaughtered, their lives cut short, because people like the taste of beef or chicken or have to wear expensive leather. These "humanely raised" animals are still a commodity to these farmers and they are still roughly handled, just as you pointed out with the chickens getting their heads cut off while upside down. They are defenseless. Yeah, I agree how is this humane?

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    OP made me remember something that had me in stitches from the UK TV series 'Country File' (subtitled "Only total and utter b'stards don't eat meat") recently ..

    In it's usual "farming on a ratio of two, or more, loving and devoted ex-underwear-model-but still-vestal-virgin attendants to each and every animal" style they were showing off the show farms for McMurders new free range egg marketing ploy.

    After the scene in which all McDonalds chickens were individualy tucked up in their beds with a cup of Horlicks, a digestive biscuit and having their bed time stories read the presenter (yesterday I was feeding this absolutely delicious lamb chop by hand ...) asked one pertinent question:

    "Would it be possible to farm enough chickens to meet all UK demand for eggs like this?"

    Answer: "Theoreticaly yes, but it would take a farm the size of Dorset to do it".

    Allowing for displacement of the entire human population from Somerset, Cornwall and Devonshire to grow enough feed for the chickens on that farm rather blows a hole in the 'eat free range instead of eat none (or much much less)' myth.
    All done in the best possible taste ...

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