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Thread: Sugared almond recipe

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    Smile Sugared almond recipe

    Hi everyone,

    I was wondering if anybody has a recipe for sugared almonds, the sort that we have in the UK which have a hard outer shell and which usually pop up around Christmas time? I did look previously on the internet but could only find American recipes and they didn't appear to be the same thing.


    PS. If it doesn't contain corn that would be brilliant as I can't tolerate it.

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    Heya Bluebell, are they almonds with a hard sugar shell like what Smarties have? I've never even thought of how you'd make that, its worth looking up how to make sugar shells and seeing if that's possible first
    Houmous atá ann!

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    Default Re: Sugared almond recipe

    Hi Blueberries,

    Thanks for the reply. Yes, it would be like Smarties but without the vibrant colour (not sure what vegan colourings would be acceptable/obtainable where I am). Thanks for the term hard sugar shell. I used that in the search terms but am not having any luck so far.

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