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Thread: witnessed animal abuse today ):

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    Default witnessed animal abuse today ):

    I just took my 4 kids and our Louie for a walk. We live in suburbs of Syracuse so it's pretty populated, so I normally feel safe. As we were walking two black labs that were tied up were barking and growling at us. This guy came out kicked the one, it immediately crouched down and was crying. Then he kicked the other one a couple of times so hard he was losing his balance. The poor think was yelping and I started to cry. Then he grabbed the chains for the dogs and threw them in the garage. I called 911 and explained what I witnessed and they said they would send an officer out to check on the dogs. I am pretty upset and shaken up by the whole experience. I really hope the police care enough to help those dogs. How someone could be so heartless idk, why would u even have dogs if u hate them enough to do that? Has anyone else had something like this happen? What did u do?

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    Default Re: witnessed animal abuse today ):

    How horrible.

    Good for you calling the police - I hope they do their stuff. Would the local Humane Society be able to do anything? I don't really know how these things work over there.

    I haven't seen anything like that I don't think, but I have called the RSPCA a few times about possible neglect.


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