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Thread: Jam and chocolate truffles!

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    Default Jam and chocolate truffles!

    Christmas is creeping up on us (sigh) and this year I thought I might try something different and make stuff as presents for people.I was thinking Jam and Truffles? Can anyone recommend some good recipes! there are hundreds on the internet of course, but wanted some personal recommendations before I start trying them out! I do like a nice strawberry jam, but is there anything more festive I could try?This will be my first time attempting jam (and truffles) so any tips welcome! Especially on how to jar them nicely! Thanks

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    I don't have any advice for you as I have not tried to make those things, but the homemade jam idea sounds really nice! Last year I made fudge (with dark chocolate and coconut milk) for a holiday party at work and they loved it. I hope you get some good ideas!

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    Hipo Hyfryd are apparently going to be doing a truffle making demo at the Welsh Veggie show (according to their FB page)

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