Comedian Steve-O: Why I Went Vegan

An excerpt:

Comedian Steven “Steve-O” Glover is proud to call himself a few things: a son, uncle, friend, comedian and a member of the MTV Jackass family. And as of 2010, he is an advocate for a vegan lifestyle.“I didn’t start out with the plan to go vegan,” he told Niteside from the Seminole Hard Rock Casino. “I started to think that eating meat was bringing me bad karma. At first, I just wanted to cut out all meat but fish. I figured Jesus fed people fish, so hey, it has to be OK, right?”But don’t expect to see Steve-O, who’s performing this weekend at the Ft. Lauderdale Improv, eating salmon anytime soon.“Then from no meat went to no fish and now I am strictly vegan. I have found it to be really beneficial. You never meet anyone who has gone vegan and told you, ‘I am not sleeping better. I am not feeling better.’ It has benefitted every aspect of my life. “