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Thread: Florida raw beginner and learning

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    Smile Florida raw beginner and learning

    hello, learning to eat raw, fresh, so i got alot to learning here. Anyone else in florida?

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    I am from Florida (Broward County), but now live in the ATL. Raw food is so exciting , so congrats on your decision to take that route to wellness! As a new raw fooder, have you purchased any books as of yet? When did you make the decision to go raw? I've been eating raw off and on for 13 years. Never could quite stick to it because sometimes I just want hot food, dangit! I am mostly vegan (occasional cheese here and there) and am starting a raw food cleanse shortly in the next few days.

    I have tried quite a few cookbooks and could share with you some that are really amazing. I don't know what you already have, but I HIGHLY recommend "Raw Food Made Easy" by Jennifer Cornbleet. If you haven't already purchased this one, it is a fantastic introduction to the raw food lifestyle. The other one I would strongly recommend is "Going Raw" by Judita Wignall.

    I can get tough at times, but the biggest thing you can do to stay on the path is to PREPARE. That's my mantra. Prepare your food before your hungry and expect to eat it. Look forward to it. If you're starving and then you're faced with the prospect of hauling out a cookbook, hunting through the pantry for ingredients, chopping all those doggone vegetables, lugging out the food processor, and then cleaning it all up - you will fail. You already know that you will need to eat, make sure you have some options on hand when you do. This is particularly true when you're on the road running errands. If you didn't pack a raw snack, it's much more tempting to buy non-raw take out.

    If you want any tips, tricks, advice, support or suggestions, just let me know.

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