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    I have been vegan for 3.5 years now and am struggling with bloating like never before. Yesterday, for example I had a pear, a salad with garbanzo beans, a green smoothie with fruit and hemp, broccoli with some soymilk "cheese" and some split peas. I went to bed looking pregnant. Seriously. I have a 13 month old so I know what my belly looks like with a baby inside.

    I cut out gluten a week and a half ago thinking it would help (with bloating and hand eczema) but it hasn't. Could it be from the soy and all the beans? I have always known that phytic acid can be a bad thing but is that what's causing my stomach problems? I typically soak and cook my own beans but I did have garbanzo beans from a can yesterday.

    Anyone else struggling with serious stomach bloat and what do you do for it? I find it's worse when I eat salads and beans. I can't imagine giving those things up though. With all the books coming out about how legumes cause inflammation I'm starting to worry. How could I survive as a vegan without beans?
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