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Thread: Vote for vegan bodybuilders - promote veganism!

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    Default Vote for vegan bodybuilders - promote veganism!

    I am trying to spread the word because at they are holding a physique contest, and the winners will be featured on the front cover of IronMan magazine, and will be interviewed. The thing is that two of the people entering the contest are VEGAN! They are Derek Tresize and Mindy Collette. It would be so awesome if they could win, so we are trying to promote the contest to all vegetarians and vegans. If they won, it would be such great exposure for vegans and would surely be a positive thing - hopefully get a bunch of people to reconsider what veganism is all about, and maybe try it out, or reduce their animal consumption.

    All you have to do is vote, you don't need to sign up or anything:

    Derek is listed as "TREESIZE" and Mindy is on the women's page, which is in a separate tab (at the top).

    I am sure that if everyone just takes two seconds to click "vote", we'd get hundreds of votes each day, far more than the non-vegans since I don't know why anybody else would take the time to vote on these things without a reason like this. But, it will involve us voting - and voting each day, since you can vote multiple times throughout the month.

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    Default Re: Vote for vegan bodybuilders - promote veganism!

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    Default Re: Vote for vegan bodybuilders - promote veganism!

    I have too - you might have to remind us to do it again though tombstone!

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