Dear all members and ex-members!

Some of you have had "Not Currently A Vegan" accounts - or some other kind of account with limited access. As a part of changes happening to the forum, the forum is now for vegans only. The areas with advice to people non-vegans area still intact, but the Not Currently A Vegan-accounts have been deleted.

I'm confident that all possible questions from non-vegans already have been answered with one exception: detailed info about whether a specific product is vegan or not. Next to simply read the label, the best thing you can do (or maybe the best, actually), is to send an email to the manufacturer and thereby show them that there are people out there who want animal-free products + ask about the specific question you wonder about.

Some other account types/accounts have been removed as well - and there's some more info about all this the future of veganforum in the member area. So far, circa 4000 accounts have been deleted over last couple of days.

If you need to use the forum the next few months, and had a Not Currently A Vegan status but are now a vegan, just reregister!

To avid confusion, there will be some changes in terms of account types, welcome text etc in the following week or so. Stay tuned if you are interested.

It's all about capacity and financial limitations, but do *not* use the donation/paid subscription feature to donate!. That feature will be removed very soon.

More later!