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Thread: Music and musicians.

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    Default Music and musicians.

    I really want to get into some serious musical networking, i thought here is as good a place as any and i may find some like minded artists to collaborate or share music with.
    I hope this is a good enough reason to start a thread, I want this to be more about YOUR music, rather than just talking about bands you like. A place where we can all share our ideas and maybe people can link up and work together.
    Any and all genres, with a message or just for the music. Please get involved!

    most of the music i make is completely live and improvised, as i prefer to be constantly exploring and emoting in a fresh kind of way. I mix up a lot of different styles (though I generally refer to most of my output as Doom-Jazz) and play guitar, bass, synth and random electronics (often multiple instruments at the same time).
    I lost two years worth of music on an old hard drive, so i don't have a lot to share, but what i do have is here: or if you follow my soundcloud you will get updates on lots of new releases coming soon

    If anyone is interested in any form of collaboration (including visual artists etc.) then please get in touch. Or just post links to your own works to share with the community.

    Have a beautiful time!

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    Default Re: Music and musicians.

    Oooh nice. Very experimental and maybe even a new genre; "electro-prog-jazz-indie".
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    Default Re: Music and musicians.

    I'm a singer/songwriter from Devon and mainly influenced by 60s folk artists but I listen to rock, 90s britpop, blues and 50s rock and roll alongside folk stuff, acoustically is just how I wrote and record, easier that way as I only have my own ego to deal with haha.

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