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Thread: More celeb gossip

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    Default More celeb gossip

    Celeb gossip is kind of silly, but it seems that stories about well known people who stops eating meat, go vegan etc, both help people reduce their intake of animal products and makes going vegan more mainstream. So here we go...
    I will not eat anything that walks, swims, flies, runs, skips, hops or crawls.

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    I forgot to actually reply when you first posted this Korn! D'oh! I was enjoying snooping about who is also vegan... I think it makes it much more attractive, even if people slip up, or change their minds later, most of the time that makes less of an impact than the news that they were vegan in the first place, so yeah, I like to hear about it.

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    Me too! Didnt know about Woody Harrelson ..


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