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Thread: Share vegan food in restaurants all around the world

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    Smile Share vegan food in restaurants all around the world

    When I was a new vegan, I used to hang out on vegan forums all the time. I didn’t know any vegans in the “real world,” and so I spent a lot of time online, asking questions, venting, and supporting other newbies. It helped me to feel more connected to others and reassured me that while my ideas about non-violence might differ from my friends’, I hadn’t jumped off the deep end yet.

    Years later, some of the most common questions I hear from new vegans are about dining out. So I want to share with you the website my husband and I created for vegans and the vegan-curious all over the world.

    It's (probably) the world's first vegan food spotting website. Our goal is to put every vegan dish, at every restaurant in the world, on a big Google map. We already have dishes in Canada, United States, Australia, China, France, Singapore, England, India, and many more!

    And you can help!

    Maybe you have photos of what you ate on vacation. Maybe you’re going out to eat tonight. Snap a photo of your meal, jot down what it’s called on the menu, and share it on the site. You can share dishes without signing up, or you can choose to create a user account first. If you create an account you'll be recognized as the discoverer of each dish you share, you’ll be able to comment on dishes, and you'll have access to lots of cool new features we'll be launching soon.

    If you "like" Vegan Food Is Everywhere on Facebook, you can be a part of discussions which will shape the future of the site. We are really looking forward to hearing your feedback, because without you, a vegan map of the world would not be possible!

    Imagine being able to walk into any restaurant, anywhere in the world, whipping out your phone, and seeing a custom menu with only dishes that are vegan or can be made vegan. Or imagine you're a new vegan, you're travelling, and you want to find all nearby restaurants with a few vegan options. Or imagine that you aren't vegan, but you want to try being vegan for a meal, just to see what it's like. That's what we're working towards.

    Vegan food really is everywhere, and with your help we're going to put it on the map!

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    Hi VFIE, that is a good idea, I'll be sure to check it out!
    Houmous atá ann!

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