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    100% sure I'm going vegan!
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    If you're looking to find the perfect exercise program for your Vegan lifestyle, then enter here to win a free copy of the Vegan Athlete fitness book!

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    Jo Anne

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    Just thought that I would mention about the importance of protein when trying to build muscle. Your body needs a sufficient amount of protein when exercising regularily. Trying to eat enough protein at every meal is often difficult. Can supplement with vegan certified protein shakes. Tastes great, fills you up and you can add fruit, spinach, kale, peanut butter etc for variety. You can even make your own vegan certified protein shakes and soft, chewy granola bars!! "Arbonne" has the best tasting vegan protein powders. Very smooth, mixes easily with water or juice but can also use almond or soy milk as the base. Arbonne products are all vegan certified, gluten free, PETA approved, no transfats etc. Let me know if you need more info.

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