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Thread: What I can do to help my kids feel better and be healthier?

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    Default What I can do to help my kids feel better and be healthier?

    I've recently became vegan and am slowly changing my kids diet to vegan as well.

    It's frustrating watching my kids get sick all the time and would like to get a little bit of advice on what I can do to help them feel better and be healthier.

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    Default Re: What I can do to help my kids feel better and be healthier.

    What kind of sick?

    Kids do tend to get quite a lot of illnesses in general don't they? Just from going to school and being quite tactual etc.
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    Default Re: What I can do to help my kids feel better and be healthier.

    Hi, this post was approved by a mistake - since posting here is for vegans only. I'll close and remove the thread soon. Hint to future posters with questions: if you want help with what you can do to improve your (or your kids') diet, you need to post something about what you/they currently eat...

    (And yes, Risker, kids occasionally get sick, and some kids may be sick more often than others - but based on my own experiences (I have three children) and what I know about other vegan kids, vegans or vegan kids aren't more sick, or sick more often than others.

    But again, it's hard/impossible to give dietary advice to someone without knowing what they currently eat, and there's no reason to assume that if a vegan person or child gets sick, it' because he lives on a vegan or partially vegan diet, but when a non-vegan person/child gets sick, he 'just' gets sick.

    Here's a site which contains some useful dietary advice:
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