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Thread: Is it possible to neutralise the flavour of coconut oil?

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    Default Is it possible to neutralise the flavour of coconut oil?

    I am wondering if it's possible to eliminate the strong flavour in coconut oil?

    I recently got the Artisan Cheese book and very excitedly went out and bought all the ingredients for Brie. It is now sitting in my kitchen, waiting for me to finish it, but the taste of coconut is quite overwhelming and not something I am looking forward to eating. Re-reading the recipe I noticed that it actually said "refined coconut oil" and I should have bought the coconut oil which has no taste. I am hoping there might be some way to neutralise the flavour so I don't lose the batch.

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    Hi! Not that I've come across unfortunately. How are you finding the Artisan vegan cheese in general?
    Houmous atá ann!

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    Default Re: Is it possible to neutralise the flavour of coconut oil?

    It might be possible with cryogenisation, but that might not be possible without specialized equipment. It is what this company ( does with cocoa butter to neutralize the typical chocolate flavor.

    I'm unclear if you want to save brie you already made, or not waste the coconut oil. In case of the latter maybe you can use it for other recipes, like cupcakes where you replace the fat with the coconut oil to make coconut cupcakes.

    If you want to save brie you made, maybe you can veganize these

    It's a thick white bechamel ( with cheeze added, spread out in a dish (maybe line the dish with cling film / saran wrap so you can get it out). You then put it in the freezer until it is firm, cut it in rectangles and bread them. Put them back in the freezer until you need them, then take them out and deep fry them. You could add the brie as cheeze, along with nutritional yeast so that it isn't all just coconut brie. I'm not sure if it will make a good result, but deep frying makes most things better so it could work

    They are good as a starter with a slice of lemon and a small salad.

    Some more step by step pics:

    Disclaimer none of these pics are mine and I have never made these myself, but it's on my bucket list.

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    Default Re: Is it possible to neutralise the flavour of coconut oil?

    As you guess right already, you choose the wrong type of coconut oil for your cheese.

    Refined coconut oil has no taste, while there are unrefined oil that have a strong coconut taste.

    Removing the flavor from any food without chemicals should be quite a challenge.

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