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Thread: New here / pregnant and vegan... Need help thanks :)

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    Question New here / pregnant and vegan... Need help thanks :)

    Hi everyone, New here and would like some cheap vegan recipes during pregnancy. This is my first time being pregnant and vegan at the same time. Im in my second trimester at 16 weeks 1 day. Im always hungry and nothing really satisfies me. I grew up eating Meat, and big plates of pasta. I always had a big appetite and could eat forever and never gain a pound as a child. Even as a vegan before being pregnant i was always hungry... I eat big plates and would love to find foods that keep me full for more then a hour. I started at 129lbs with this pregnancy which is kind of over weight for my height and frame. I already gained 10lbs which is a lot for me. I would love to read from others what is cheap and good. I usually shop at Trader Joes and Vons (West Coast/ California)

    PS: My DH is not a Vegan and neither are my kids. They are lacto Vegetarians. Nobody in the house drinks Cows milk. Eats Gluten/wheat. Only DH

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    Default Re: New here / pregnant and vegan... Need help thanks :)

    I pretty much ate whatever I did normally....One thing I did try to keep on hand was almonds, walnuts (omega 3s), protein bars like Clif or Luna...Gosh it feels like it was so long ago when I was pregnant....

    I live in Ventura County!
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    I hope that you're getting on okay Autumn.

    Luckily there is more info than ever out there about vegan pregnancies.

    There's the vegan pregnancy survival guide written by the woman who runs (can never remember her name) as well as other vegan nutrition books such as Becoming Vegan and Vegan for Life.

    And also just the first-hand experience of other vegan parents around the forum.

    Good luck!
    Houmous atá ann!

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    Default Re: New here / pregnant and vegan... Need help thanks :)

    Greetings Autumn. should have a ton of recipes that can help you out. Also I envy your because you're in LA and there's so many vegan restaurants around LA that I'd love to try.

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    Default Re: New here / pregnant and vegan... Need help thanks :)

    Congratulations on your pregnancy! Well done for bringing another little vegan into the world.

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