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Thread: Questions on my daughter's eating habits

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    Question Questions on my daughter's eating habits

    None of kids are 100% Vegan. I became vegan last year... I really cant force my kiddos to eat how i want them to eat 24/7... they are too old to change there habits. My oldest is 8, my middle is 6 and i have a 3 yr old son.

    They eat mostly vegetarian. None of my kids do milk/dairy/soy/fish... rarely any chicken and meat. NO Gluten NO Wheat.

    My problems are with my 6 yr old Daughter. A few years ago she started waking up in the middle of the night raiding the Fridge. She would eat 6 cups of Yogurt, Climb on top of my Crockpot (broke it) and ate the jar of Gummy Vitamins. At that time it was half empty. But there was a ton left over. Around 15-20. Little by little she showed signs of ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder, Impulse disorder. She has to touch everything, she would look for Gum under tables, chairs, in malls and put it in her mouth. She would go thru my soy candles and stick her fingers inside messing it up and eating it, Same with the chapsticks. Now she started Drinking Coffee Creamers (DAIRY) and lying about it. Shes a bad liar, we know when she lies. I bought a new creamer the day before yesterday.Yes its mine, not it isnt vegan but there is no Vegan creamer and i love coffee. I dont do SOY SILK Creamer. I use 1 tablespoon the day before yesterday for my coffee. I wake up in the AM (yesterday, 5/12/13) and its HALF Empty. She drank half of my creamer. It wasnt my husband, he told me he has his own and wouldnt use mine.
    This is the 3rd time she does this, second time in our house. 1st time at her Nana's (mother in law) At stores she has to glide her hands over shelves just to do it. She grabs stuff and tells me shes just looking. But really she has to touch.. At home its the same, she has to touch and hold something during a time out, Watching tv, eating at the table etc.

    She will see a Specialist but first we are going to have a meeting with the Homeschool Psychologist for the district here. She is needing some kind of Vitamin or its some kind of problem with her processing disorder. She is very very skinny but not from not eating. her stomach is big. She always looks like shes full from eating. Her arms, legs, shoulders are small. She is a small child to begin with. She had problems during birth as well. Her hair doesnt grow, she has Loose anagen cells.
    I just wanted to vent a bit but also ask for Recipes or foods she can snack on that have Vitamin D and C if thats what she needs. I asked this same question on a different forum. Wont name where but i was told by a few women, that the "vegan Diet" isnt working and we as humans are supposed to eat DEAD ANIMALS.... Like i said before yes shes not 100% vegan but none of my kids eat any animals as much as people may think. im going to say there diet is 95% Vegan/Vegetarian...


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    Default Re: Questions on my Daughters eating habits

    Definitely one for professinal help, there I would say, Natalie.

    Must be very distressing for you. Sorry you are going through that

    Some simple logic that may help though:

    1. If your daughters symptons were caused by no meat in the diet then the same symptons would be seen in everyone who ate no meat in their diet.

    2. If meat were the cure to your daughters symptons then no meat eater would suffer symptons that were similar/the same.

    3. If the cause was your families specific meat free diet then all family members (on the same diet) should be showing similar symptons.

    By that logic this would seem to be a problem specific to your daughter as an individual and nothing to do with a meat free diet.

    All the best to you, your daughter and your family. I hope you get to the bottom of this one soon!
    All done in the best possible taste ...

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    Default Re: Questions on my Daughters eating habits

    Just a quick note to mention there are soy free vegan creamers you can order online (I see you are from the U.S.). I have used them before in the past. I ordered a few boxes to last me a while and give to others for Christmas. The creamers you buy in the grocery store probably come from a long way off too so if buying long distance is an issue take this into consideration.

    I don't have children so I can't speak from experience, but I know that there are many children raised vegan or vegetarian who are quite healthy. There are a few people out there who have been vegan since birth and are adults now, so it is entirely possible. Because your children have specific dietary needs (I assume since they do not eat soy or wheat/gluten) it might be a good idea to work with a professional dietician who is open to vegan or vegetarian diets. I know that it is difficult to find doctors and dieticians who are open to this but they do exist. It sounds like your six year old's problems are far more than just diet and I am glad you are getting help for her. My heart goes out to you and to her. The only connection I am aware of between food and problems like autism and ADHD is the use of some dyes in foods and too much sugar, but these are theories and not something I would point the finger to as to why your daughter is suffering. Your daughters issues sound much too big to be any one thing that any of us could point out.

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