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Thread: Animal Sanctuaries in US

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    Default Animal Sanctuaries in US

    As part of teaching my step-daughter about veganism, we've done a lot of reading up on different animal sanctuaries. Now that it's summer, we're starting to plan our family vacation and would like to visit to support a sanctuary.

    Does anyone here have experience visiting farm or wildlife sanctuaries? Which are your favorite to visit? We're in the US and there are quite a few here, so I'd like to hear from others. I suppose this is an open question to everyone, (we really like to travel) so it would be good to know where we could visit next time we go international

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    Default Re: Animal Sanctuaries in US

    What do you mean by animal sanctuary? I volunteer on my days off at a rescue place, we rescue cats, dogs, rodents, farm animals and wildlife.
    It has a vegan cafe, it's open to the public Tues-Sunday 12-3pm.
    But if you want to visit a wildlife reserve, to walk around and view birdlife and wild animals, that's different and all depends on where you're going.
    Let me know and i can give you some ideas.

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