I'd like to share a short (8min) video I recently completed. Here is the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xGqCRHpnMZw

It is an introductory video to help new vegans self-identity as vegans and be proud of that choice. It is targeted at new vegans and people making the transition to a vegan diet. People choose a vegan diet for different reasons but they may not always aware of the additional benefits that this choice brings.

This video is meant to highlight some of the wonderful things that are happening because they decided to make this simple choice.

Here is what viewer, Marvin Double had to say about it:
'This is a wonderful video, it creates an excellent positive statement about the positive aspects of being vegan, without resorting to the bloody, and distressing videos often featured in documentaries.

I am not saying that the reality of meat production are not important, obviously they are. However, if one become vegan simply out of guilt or shame after seeing graphic depictions of animals being slaughter, eventually those feelings can be dulled over time, and potentially lose their potency.

This video offers the other side of the coin, in manner of speaking. It reinforces the reasons not only to become vegan, but to remain vegan. It is gentle, affirmation that being vegan really is more than a protest against animal cruelty. It is rather a lifestyle choice which has very broad, far reaching implications.'

From Dr. Will Tuttle:
'Great job with this video - and a timely idea also - I do quite often meet people inspired to go vegan for various reasons and due to intense pressure from family members or so-called health practitioners, feel they must abandon vegan living and don't have a significant support network. This video might help these folks (and also pre-vegans too).'

I hope you will share it with new vegans and people transitioning to a vegan diet whom you may know. It is a great video for veteran vegans as well to re-affirm their compassionate and sustainable choice.