We were in Argyll last week and had a lovely meal at a hotel/pub (Cairnbaan Hotel) near where we were staying (Crinan). I'd booked in advance and even though they hadn't got the message correctly about me being vegan they still managed to rustle a good meal up.
Then we went into Lochgilphead for lunch one day, ended up at a cafe called the Smiddy. The waitress there was excellent, she understood veganism, insofar as she didn't put chocolate sprinkles on my soya cappuccino because of the chance there was milk powder in it!
And then we went to Oban, just because hubby wanted to take me to a vegan restaurant there - http://itadakizenoban.jimdo.com This was an amazing place, I loved it. There is one in London, so I think I will have to visit it when we go there next.
All in all, a good holiday with some surprising finds for food.