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Thread: Stiff vegan margarine for puff pastry

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    Default Stiff vegan margarine for puff pastry

    Hi Guys

    Got the Vegan Boulangerie book, tried to give a few recipes a go and they taste cool. I havent had any luck at all though with the puff pastry to make Mille Feuille (Cream Slice). I have an intolerance to rapeseed oil and tons of the vegan margarines have them in. Ive found that Biona Organic do one without rapeseed and also Pure which can be bought out of the larger supermarkets. Dont know if intolerance to Rapeseed oil is normal but I have to diligently avoid anything which labels only "Vegetable Oil" or have to phone each company up before I eat their products. Such a chore..

    Does anyone know of a good vegan margarine/shortening which is quite stiff in order to make puff pastry? Its nearly impossible to make it with normal vegan margarines as they always melt way too fast. I have seen a vegan brand of shortening called "Trex" but dont know what oils are in it.. suppose another call to another company is in order unless I get an answer from someone here.


    P.S I have also contacted the puff pastry manufacturer "Just Rol" to see if they used rapeseed oil.. and they do

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    Default Re: Stiff Vegan Margarine for Puff Pastry

    You'll want the Tomor block margarine....ingredients are listed in the link above and no rapeseed oil either!
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    Default Re: Stiff Vegan Margarine for Puff Pastry

    Hi Rocker C
    I've not tried this yet but a tip I got a while ago for making puff/flaky pasty is to freeze the margarine then grate it into the recipe.
    Also you can sometimes find Crisco in the international/US section in large Tescos (not refrigerated), it doesn't appear to contain rapeseed oil (but does contain palm oil and is made by proctor & gamble).

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    Default Re: Stiff Vegan Margarine for Puff Pastry

    I used atora vegetable suet, don't know if that's rapeseed or not.
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    I was actually thinking about this recently...

    I can't get vegetable suet here, everything is butter and lard. I can get vegan spread (I have to get organic brands so there is no non-vegan vitmain D. Sometimes I can get Pure but nowhere stocks it consistently) but I'm not sure if any of the brands I can get are stiff enough for making pastry.

    I tried to make croissants a few months ago and they didn't work as the fat I used was too soft. That's a good tip about putting the fat in the freezer, I may try that the next time I make pastry.
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    Default Re: Stiff vegan margarine for puff pastry

    There seem to be millefeuille recipes that use filo pastry, and I think that's usually made without fat (you put the fat between the layers) so that could be another option.

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