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Thread: Your favorite sausages and bacon

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    Default Your favorite sausages and bacon

    My omni family loves bacon and sausage for breakfast once in a while. I have been researching alternatives to the "real" stuff, and am a bit overwhelmed by all the great looking options! What do y'all think of the following: Smart Bacon, Upton's Seitan Bacon, Yves meatless breakfast sausage patties, Tofurky breakfast sausage links, and Gardein sausage patties? Which, in your experience, have you or others taken to best? I live in the US, btw. Thank you all!

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    My girlfriend and I love smart bacon, and I think we tried the Yves meatless breakfast sausage patties and found them a bit too spicy for our taste, but we like things pretty mild. I would say to try all that look good to you, as people's taste varies. I've liked every thing I've tried from Gardein (eat it a lot) so I don't see why those would be bad.

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    I love smart bacon as well as tempeh bacon strips. Yummy! I eat them with mashed potatoes.

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    I haven't tried any bacon alternatives however I have had nothing but bad experiences with Yves products in Canada. Best of luck finding something to your taste!

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