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    Hey Everyone!

    So I am totally new to this forum but it seems like an awesome community. I am a vegan Youtuber who wants to change the popular content on YouTube, or at least give it more of a vegan influence. I am going to include the link to my channel in this post and any support I could get would be AMAZING and very appreciated, I receive quite a bit of negative comment on my videos sometimes when I mention being vegan so having some positives would make my day!

    Please feel free to send me any suggestions, requests, or comments (about my channel or anything else) either on here or on YouTube PM! If you do go watch my videos because of this post let me know in the comments section of the videos!

    Thanks so much for reading this and I look forward to hearing from you all very soon!

    My Channel:

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    Please do not be discouraged by the negative comments. The web has a contingent of users who delight is being destructive and cruel. Ignore them and keep up the good work.

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