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    Hi All - I'm new to this forum. I'm really excited that I came across it. It's such a great community!

    I'm one of the co-founders of Peaceful Dumpling (, a 100% vegan lifestyle network. We decided to launch it to provide great content on food, fitness, wellness, health tips, news, and life to vegans and people that are health conscious.

    I really look forward to meeting more like-minded people in this forum and getting some great tips!


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    Hello David,

    welcome to the forum!

    To be honest - when I read your post first, I was offended.
    How can you advocate dumplings only and totally neglect non-dumplingy foodstuffs - e.g. noodles???

    Everybody knows that it is a CRIME to neglect noodles, so I was quite sternly disposed against liking your website.

    However, when I visited it, I really liked the articles there, so I will be definitely visiting it more often

    Best regards,

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    Love the website David, especially as I'm a breakfast skipper - good to know I'm not doing anything totally bad.

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    Hi Micthemini - thanks so much!

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