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Thread: *waves* Newbie introduction - Vegan after Gastric Bypass?

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    Talking *waves* Newbie introduction - Vegan after Gastric Bypass?

    Hello all.
    I am not *currently* a vegan.
    My breast surgeon, however, would like me to be. He seems to believe that animal proteins are causing repeat fibroadenomas in my breasts, and wants me to eliminate them completely. I've had 4 or 5 surgeries to remove these benign tumors in the last 15 years, and another surgery scheduled this month, and if any more changes take place, the next step will most likely be a double mastectomy, at age 30.
    My problem is this: I had gastric bypass (RNY) a year ago. I don't "process" nutrients very well, and most of the ones I do process are animal-based (whey, egg). I am required to consume 60-100g of protein a day, and restrict my total carbohydrates to less than 150g per day. I have no problems processing/digesting lentils, beans, fats, etc. I like trying new veggies, even though I'm in a rural area and on a tight budget. I would have no problem splurging on some TVP and/or hemp protein, and I'm great at experimenting with new recipes. (I already make vegan bread for a friend's child who has dairy allergies.)
    Is there anyone else here that has had gastric bypass and is a vegan? Are you able to meet your surgeon's requirements? Or, is there anyone here that had the growth of tumors slowed or reversed by eliminating animal products from their diet?

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    Hi, don't know the answer but wondered if you'd checked specialist sites like I hope you find a way to go vegan and that it helps.

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